Nike+ Run This Town

Art Direction / Design

To engage and activate the Nike+ running community, we created a seasonal campaign that allowed runners to compete with each other via Twitter and Facebook. 'Run This Town' is a Nike+ mission where runners hashtag their Nike+ run based on location. By using #newyork or #paris when sharing your run to Facebook and Twitter, you automatically log the miles and start competing. A leaderboard on nike.com allowed runners to check their standing and compare their progress with their friends. Personalized social badges were distributed to runners via Nike's Twitter account as they completed certain achievements along the way.

Design team: Rasmus Wangelin, Adam Boyette & Kristine Salm.
Contributors to this project include: Sammi Needham, Albert Patton, and Joanna Crean.

Client: Nike  •  Type: Campaign  •  Produced at: R/GA

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