Art Direction / Design

Quirky is an innovation platform fueled by ideas from the community. The company is giving the community of inventors the resources, knowledge and help to bring their ideas to life and with the goal to finally getting it manufactured and into retail. Over 150 products have gone from ideas to being fully developed by a community of over 1000000 creatives.

We put together branding documents, key layouts and guidelines for Quirkys internal team to fully build out. A few designs changed from our delivery to the final product but most of the branding, icons and UX thinking was executed on.

Art Direction: Rasmus Wängelin, Ray Sison & Martin Berggren.
Design: Patrick McInerney, Vitor Andrade, Nari Park & DaSeul An.

Client: Quirky  •  Type: Branding + Web Design  •  Produced at R/GA

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