One Copy Song

Concept / Design

Adam Tensta is Sweden’s biggest hip-hop artist. A multiple Grammy winner, he sought a new way to promote his latest single, “Pass It On.” But with services like Spotify, YouTube, and Grooveshark, music is accessible anytime, anywhere—so a lot of the anticipation with the release of a new single has been lost. To recreate that anticipation and demand around new music, we decided to release his new single AS JUST ONE COPY. One Copy Song is a Facebook app that allows only one person to listen to at a time, before it was passed to someone else. One Copy Song won some of the industrys biggest awards, such as; Cannes Lions, Tomorrow Awards, One Show, Cresta Awards, London International Awards, + more.

How it worked:
1 - Get In Line: The song lived in an app on Adam’s Facebook page. To hear it users had to get in line. Once they signed up, the song was introduced to their network of friends through posts from the application.
2 - Track the song: A live tracker showed exactly where the song is playing and where it’s been recently.
3 - Cut the line: We made it possible to cut the line and listen sooner. A Tweet, a YouTube watch, or u0003listening to one of Adam’s other tracks on Spotify bumped anyone on line up 15-20 spots. So every time someone Tweeted, watched and listened Adam was getting more publicity. And they were getting closer to the song.
4 - Listen and share: When it was their turn, they had one hour to listen before it was passed to the next person in line.

Team: Rasmus Wangelin, Rasmus Keger, Morten Halvorsen & Joanna Crean.

Client: Adam Tensta  •  Type: Facebook  •  Produced at: R/GA

Case study

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