Nike Sparqulator

Art Direction / Design / Animation

Sparqulator IPad Broadcast Tool The Nike Sparq Combines is a series of training and recruiting events that takes place in different locations across the country. Based on how you do through a set of tests the challenger receives a SPARQ score that will share tips on how to compete against other football prospects. It also analyzes the probability of being recruited by a D1 school. The Sparqulator ipad app is a tool where the logic becomes cool. Once entering your score into the app you can start comparing yourself to your competition, the pros, and share your score to your friends on Facebook. You can also play around with your numbers to see what you need to improve to become D1-ready. If you did well, you can let everyone know by broadcasting a animation of your score on to an jumbotron.

Client: Nike  •  Type: Ipad App  •  Produced at: R/GA

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