March Madness

Art Direction / Design

The craziest tournament on hardwood brings a new twist with every game. From upsets to buzz beaters to superhuman hustle, anything can happen at any moment. For March Madness, we captured the intensity of the tournament As the intensity of the tournament progressed, so did the images, reaching a new level of detail and fidelity with each passing round. The campaign earned shout outs from NBA greats like Ty Lawson on NBC, and tallied over half a billion impressions, but more importantly captured the energy and excitement of the tournament as it happened, helping fans represent their teams all the way to the Championship.

We setup a social response lab and created a series of roughly 40 visual metaphors that celebrated each Nike team victory. The metaphors were based on team performance and released in real-time via Nike social channels.

Design: Rasmus Wangelin, Tommy Korad, Felipe Ferreira, ILoveDust, Chuck Anderson, Joe Johnson, Alvaro Masa, Andy Wong and Mariola Bruszewska.

Client: Nike  •  Type: Social Images  •  Produced at: R/GA

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