Samsung + JAY Z: Magna Carta 

Art Direction / Design

For the launch of his new album, JAY Z partnered with Samsung to rewrite the rules of music once again. JAY Z launched his album Magna Carta Holy Grail by allowing one million copies to be downloaded upon the album's release via an Android app available exclusively to Galaxy S3 and S4 owners. The app launched in two phases, pre-release and post-release. Fresh video and lyrical content was delivered to fans through the app every day until the release. Fans were able to unlock snippets of lyrics through the app by posting to Facebook or Twitter to spread the word. Other facets of the campaign included a Times Square takeover, a OLM blitz, and a website that unlocked content as the community shared out lyrics from the app.

Design Director: Rasmus Wängelin
Art Director: Adam Boyette

Client: Samsung  •  Type: Mobile App  •  Produced at: R/GA

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